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Ken Mansfield answers questions about Philco

“ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME THERE USED TO BE this very nice place— America— a faraway place in time.” So begins Philco by Ken Mansfield. Ken explains in the book’s introduction, “I miss that place, a place that actually existed in my lifetime. It was a “let me help you with that tire ma’am,” “honest day’s work for an honest dollar” kind of place.”

The haunting and touching stories that make up Philco were inspired by Ken’s life experiences. “The people in these stories are real—I have wrapped their stories in the warm jacket of my imagination for the journey.”

Ken grew up in the northern Idaho Panhandle near the Nez Perce Indian reservations. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy. Upon completing his service, he went to college and soon after graduating he became a highly ranked executive and producer in the music industry. His resume and bio are inseparable from the history of pop music and encompasses an impressive list of accomplishments including being asked by the Be…

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