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Pay Closer Attention to How You Spend Your Money

As we all know, the new tax bill passed in 2017 benefits corporations the most. (Randians would applaud this as something corporations are entitled to.) I know I’m not the only one disturbed by this. I think one of the most troubling legacies of this will be that globalization by default will benefit. (And no I’m not claiming all globalization is evil so don’t write me any nasty emails.) Globalization is a complex topic which I don’t intend to fully address here, but many Christians and I (as well as many non-Christians) believe the forces of globalization can have far reaching negative impact on other cultures. Christian scholar Miriam Adeney contributing to the highly regarded Perspectives on the World Christian Movement wisely observed that globalization tends to make everything including values into commodities and to cheapen human relationships. She also noted that globalization tends to homogenize the unique characteristics of ethnicity and culture that God designed to be…

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