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Andrew Murray books I like (in free audio)

Don't let the somber old photograph, dour appearance, time period, and/or his age prejudice you.

Pictured is Andrew Murray. He wrote some books on Christianity which I like very much. I recently learned audio versions of these books are available for free. (I’ve included links below.)

Yes, there is a winemaker and winery in Santa Barbara county also named Andrew Murray. I do not believe there is any relation, although Andrew the minister-writer does have a lot of references to viticulture and grapes in his writings. He spent most of his life in South Africa where quite a bit of viticulture and wine-making occurs.

Anyways, I appreciate these books very much. I hope you give him a chance!

These LibriVox links have multiple options to download audio or text, or listen online. (The M4B download works in iTunes.)

Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses (read by Joy Chan)
Total Running Time: 3h 52min

Humility (poor recording quality but intact)
Total Running Time: 2h 5min

The True Vine (re…

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