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El Faro Remembered

On October 1st, 2015, the U.S. merchant ship SS El Faro sank near Crooked Island, Bahamas in Hurricane Joaquin. The sinking is considered the greatest American merchant shipping disaster in decades.

Thirty-three lives were lost:

(In alphabetical order.)

Louis Champa — Palm Coast, Florida
Roosevelt Clark — Jacksonville, Florida
Sylvester Crawford Jr. — Lawrenceville, Georgia
Michael Davidson — Windham, Maine
Brookie Davis — Jacksonville, Florida
Keith Griffin — Fort Myers, Florida
Frank Hamm — Jacksonville, Florida
Joe Hargrove — Orange Park, Florida
Carey Hatch — Jacksonville, Florida
Michael Holland — North Wilton, Maine
Jack Jackson — Jacksonville, Florida
Jackie Jones, Jr. — Jacksonville, Florida
Lonnie Jordan — Jacksonville, Florida
Piotr Krause — Poland
Mitchell Kuflik — Brooklyn, New York
Roan Lightfoot — Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Jeffrey Mathias — Kingston, Massachusetts
Dylan Meklin — Rockland, Maine
Marcin Nita — Poland
Jan Podgorski — Poland
James Porter — Jacksonville, F…

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