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Julian Moody in Choice Magazine

My article titled “More Alike Than Different: Commonalities in Life, Leadership, Business and Executive Coaching from a Coaching Pioneer and Veteran” was published in the December (Winter 2019/2020) issue of choice: the magazine of professional coaching . (To purchase this issue and other issues, click: Issue Library . To subscribe, use my special coupon code, AUTHOR25, to receive a 25% discount off a print, digital, or combo subscription: Subscription Catalogue .) This article summarizes my friend Julian’s experiences, observations, and insights which are contained in our project: Dialogues with Julian Moody: On Life, Business, Sustainability, and Other Things This project includes Julian's early life experiences, failures and difficulties, formative years of his career, and career breakthroughs. Anyone can view this complete project free of charge. Now coaches all over the world will have access to Julian’s work and decades of experience. Choice is the only magazine

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