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The Religion of Modern Education Revisited

My post  The Religion of Modern Education  was published in 2012. It remained one of my top posts for years, in spite of my posting other content. This post links to topics in my project with executive coaching pioneer Julian Moody . The topic " Misguided Educators and Parents"  in which Julian and I discuss trade schools as an alternative to college, a discussion we had in 2008, continues to get traffic. This year, the Wall Street Journal published articles questioning the post-secondary education paradigm.  Why Americans Have Lost Faith in the Value of College: Three generations of ‘college for all’ in the U.S. has left most families looking for alternatives. How Gen Z Is Becoming the Toolbelt Generation: More young workers are going into trades as disenchantment with the college track continues. These articles were top-ranking on the WSJ site, particularly the second article, which was WSJ's number one article the week it was published. This topic obviously strikes a n

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