Great Recession versus Great Depression

A long line of people standing for free food and coffee during Great Depression
Great Depression soup line

I know a number of people who are dismayed or discouraged by the recession that seems so slow in ending. There are contradictory reports and opinions on whether the Great Recession has truly ended or not, but the reality is, recovery is slow, many are still out of work, and the future looks uncertain.

Perhaps we can learn and take some encouragement from people who survived much worse. Executive coaching pioneer Julian Moody, who was born in 1917 and died at the end of 2009, lived through the Great Depression as well as the worst of the Great Recession. The recession was, in his words, "not even a glimpse of the Great Depression." He gives a personal account of growing up during the Great Depression in the topic "We Somehow Got Through the Great Depression." This topic is part of our project Dialogues with Julian Moody: On Life, Business, Sustainability, and Other Things.)

(Posted 1/31/2013)