Sometimes You're Better Off Losing Everything

Person in despair in ruins lost everything
Photo by @EldarNurkovic

Foreclosures and bankruptcies (both personal and business) were rampant in the recent economic upheaval, and many, especially those invested in the American Dream and those in the media, seemed to portray this type of loss as being almost as dreadful as death itself, the end of everything good in life as we know it. But is this actually true?

It's a peculiar thing that we can come to have so many wrong ideas about ourselves and consequently wrong plans for our lives. Even more interesting, we generally never give up those ideas and plans unless we are forced to through disaster and/or failure. Often, it is only out of the ashes of our disaster or failure that new life, hope, and a more appropriate direction in life can spring.

Executive coaching pioneer Julian Moody experienced this in his life and discusses it in the topic "Bankruptcy and Foreclosure - the Beginning of a New and Better Life." This topic is part of our project Dialogues with Julian Moody: On Life, Business, Sustainability, and Other Things.

(Posted 2/28/2013)