What is the Essence of Leadership?

Bronze statue of army squad leader
Bronze depiction of army squad leader

Upward mobility, the American Dream, and ambition in the form of seeking the highest title and position are taken for granted in our culture. Given this, the meaning of leadership has become muddled, tainted, and confused. A common assumption is that leadership is something that one strives for and achieves, but is leadership about advancement and a position? Is it about various agendas for promotion? Or is it something altogether different? And what distinguishes a great leader from a good leader?

Management consultant and executive coaching pioneer Julian Moody personally worked with hundreds of managers, top executives, and presidents. Julian and I discuss leadership in the topic "What is the Essence of Leadership?" as part of our project Dialogues with Julian Moody: On Life, Business, Sustainability, and Other Things.

(Posted 6/8/2013)