Are We Truly Productive?

Charlie Chaplin working on assembly line in Modern Times
Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life," quipped Socrates over 2,400 years ago, but sadly, barren busyness seems to be the norm of our times. In our industrial, technological age, we idolize productivity and we're in a constant state of doing and busyness, but are we truly productive? Or are we living wasteful lives full of unquestioned habit and routine (an observation of many old people when they reflect on their lives)? Business people are especially lauded for being practical and productive, but are they any better? Management consultant and executive coaching pioneer Julian Moody personally worked with hundreds of managers, top executives, and presidents over a course of fifty years. In his long career, he found otherwise. Julian and I discuss this in the topic "No Concept of Priorities" which is part of our project Dialogues with Julian Moody: On Life, Business, Sustainability, and Other Things.

(Posted 7/15/2013)