The Fool

      A court jester who is all wrong for the position of court jester is considered a nobody, most of all, in the eyes of the king. But when "the fool" escapes from the kingdom with "the small, round woman" who works in the castle's kitchen, the king is thrown into confusion and rage. In a strange, unexpected way, this complete fool and nobody turns the whole kingdom upside down.

Original Seaside Theatre production of The Fool, 1999: Directed by Asa Olsson, Costumes by Laure Kendrick and Angela Summerson

The cook and the gardener in the play the Fool
Bob Turner as the GardenerJim Sirianni as the Cook

The alewife and the merchant in the play the Fool
Lana Shane as the Alewife, Frank Artusio as the Merchant 

The king and the magician in the play The Fool
Paul Gersowitz as the King, Galen Piltz as the Magician

The juggler, the queen and lady in waiting the play the Fool
Geren Piltz as the Juggler,  Jane Tanner as the Queen,
Marlene Maxwell as Lady in Waiting