Dialogues with Julian Moody: On Life, Business, Sustainability, and Other Things

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The Three “Majors” 
    As Dale Carnegie said, “Everyone likes to hear of struggle.” In these topics, Julian reflects on critical learning experiences and turning points in his life. While most people would choose to avoid these types of experiences since they are considered hardship or failure, Julian credits what he learned in these major life events as being the foundation of his later success.


    How I inadvertently became a successful consultant

        Julian barely graduated from high school, never went to college, and was fired from numerous jobs. Not only that, he failed in business and lost his house to foreclosure. Even more surprising, he wasn’t at all ambitious. He had no desire to “get ahead,” “make it,” or achieve what we call the American Dream. So why did he become so in demand and so successful as a consultant? And what were the cornerstones of his innovative work in the business world?

    All Too Common Problems (Dysfunction in Business – Part I)

        Julian became very successful as a consultant and helped to transform and innovate a profession that was still in development during his time. Julian’s main strength as a consultant was his ability to identify and address problems on a basic level generally overlooked or ignored by most people. During many decades of working with businesses and organizations, Julian observed the same basic problems over and over again. Some of these recurring problems are so commonplace, their presence passes for normal.

    Appearances Are Deceiving (Dysfunction in Business – Part II)

        Part I covered obvious issues. In Part II, Julian digs deeper to explore more unusual terrain.

    Reflections on Education
        With extensive experience in life and business, Julian reflects on education. Does our educational system help people become the best they can be? In Julian’s mind, no.

    Some Final Thoughts

        Julian’s reflections and thoughts as he comes to the end of his long life become an opportunity to affirm what is important in life.