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    Brandy Walker was born to an American father and Japanese mother and grew up in Japan, Pennsylvania, and New York. After graduating from high school, she was accepted to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, N.Y. and graduated in 1991. As a midshipman and officer, she worked on various seagoing merchant and research vessels (10 ships total) and traveled to ports in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, North America, and Alaska. She also worked on a Military Sealift Command charter to Mogadishu, Somalia during Operation Restore Hope in 1993. She feels very blessed to have visited so many different countries. Her travels gave her a sense of the interconnectedness of the world and an awareness and compassion for issues that affect all of us.
    Brandy always felt called to be a writer, but left it to God and serendipity to determine what course her writing career would take. After seeing the world, she settled in Carpinteria, California, a small beach town near Santa Barbara. There, she joined Seaside Theatre. She originally volunteered in whatever capacity was needed, but soon found her focus in writing. Her first one act play, Isabel, was produced by Seaside in 1996 and later produced by a professional company at the Harold Clurman Theatre in New York in 1998. Her second one act, Birds At Sea, was produced by Seaside in 1998. Her full-length play, The Fool, was produced by Seaside in 1999. Her first full-length play, The Moons of Alnyron (click here for ibook version), was given a staged reading by Famous Door Theater in Chicago in 1997, produced by Seaside in 2000, and published by Samuel French in 2002.
    Then followed a period of loss. In 2002, her mother passed away unexpectedly, and in 2005, her father died of cancer. While this was an extremely difficult time in her life, her Christian faith was deepened during this period. She also used this time to reevaluate her writing and life goals. As a result, she expanded from her narrow focus on theater to encompass other forms of writing.
    Brandy feels blessed by the opportunities she's had so far in life. However, she is the most proud of her community service. Over the years, she has worked (and continues to work) as a volunteer for various non-profit organizations in Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. She is also very grateful for her work with disabled people. She feels this is the most rewarding work she has been blessed by God to do thus far in her life.

Contact Brandy at: bw@brandywalker.com

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